Wearing Thin

House boats lost in the mist

House boats lost in the mist

It’s misty and minus 1 degrees at midday.

Ice has formed on the windows of each car, in the wet patches on the street, and is sparkling along the edges of the canals that run the 8kms between Haarlem and Halfweg.


In spite of this, several ducks are padding in the water that appears to be freezing around them.

Is it terribly nice of my free-range dinner to offer itself as a frozen food, but I rather like it fresh and I am always happy to warm them in my oven with an apricot basting.


Ducks – less evil than geese and more tasty than chicken. 

For anyone else, who thinks they may enjoy the cast of Ducktails with a summer salad and smashed potatoes, you are welcome to ask for the recipe.

While several months of eating my beaked friends has added to my fat own layers, they are not sufficient to protect me from the cold yet.

This is a pity, since I have a job interview on Wednesday (temp: low -2, high 2), and my most appropriate formal suit leaves me as vulnerable to the cold as the Emperor’s new clothes, in spite of the additional formal coat.

The suit is fine for South African winters, where the low temperature is about 4 degrees warmer than Wednesday’s high, but is unlikely to work here.

My usual outfit for this kind of weather includes: a beanie, gloves, furry snowboots, thick leggings under heavy jeans, a vest, a shirt and a down jacket. But I suspect wearing a beanie to a job interview would be something of a faux pas.

I tried warm knee-high boots with my skirt suit, which transformed my look from air-hostess to stripper in about 30 seconds. Perhaps not.

So, what is appropriate winter interview wear in a formal job setting with a commute of 1.5 hours? Is there a way to look professional while being warm?

At present, I am going with the “suck it up” approach to fashion and have resolved to be cold, but if anyone has any suggestions, I’d welcome them.


About Danika Marquis

Danika is an e-learning developer at TUDelft and former radio lecturer at Rhodes University.
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3 Responses to Wearing Thin

  1. Gail says:

    Just love your blogs! And laughed at your descriptions of your “free-range dinner” offering itself as frozen food!!
    Sounds like the only way to look formal and ready for a job when its freezing is to dress in layers, and peel it all off when you reach the offices where you are to be interviewed.Just a pity you don’t have someone to hold onto all the layers once you’re there! Whatever you do, we will be thinking of you and wish you all the best, while we’re sweltering in our near-boiling conditions!
    Love you lots! Mom xxxx


  2. Dorothy Marquis says:

    What do the Dutch people wear? Looks to me you will have to be getting some sartorial advice.


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